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A little while back, I received a message on Etsy asking what would be the smallest size origami cranes I could make. After a little experimentation, I decided that the smallest crane that I could make without too much difficulty (or a microscope of some sort!) would be 1.3-1.4cm across. Here are some pictures of my completed cranes:




And here’s one I made for myself, which I “captured” in a mini vial:



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I’ve always felt it a bit of a waste throwing away bits of candle after they had grown too short for use. So I started collecting the bits of wax from my spent beeswax candles to make my own candles from the remaining wax. Here is a picture of my latest batch:

By the way, I got interested in beeswax candles after hearing that long-term use of paraffin candles might be more detrimental to the respiratory system than natural alternatives. I decided to go with beeswax since soy primarily comes from the US, and I’m not quite sure how green (not to mention expensive) it is to ship candles/wax across the continents. Plus, I find that beeswax makes for a much harder (and therefore long-lasting) candle than soy. I have yet to try out rapeseed wax, but I might as well continue with beeswax since I have all these wax scraps 🙂 But remember, irrespective of wax type, when using candles its important to use them safely and keep the room they are in properly ventilated.

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Just wanted to share some miniature origami flowers that I did recently!

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Box-fold felt flower

Today was one of those rare days when I forgot to take my pencil case with me. Fair enough you may say, as I could have borrowed pens or pencils off other people. However, for me my pencil case includes a number of essentials, which includes my crochet hooks! Alas, so it so happened that I was stuck with the urge to do a little crafting without my crochet hooks (I do have origami projects in mind, but they either require specific papers, or would take more than a few hours to complete; and I didn’t quite have that kind of time to spare in term time).

So I resorted to sewing instead, and made myself a little felt flower brooch.

The little bead on the flower is a candy jade bead from a bracelet I bought some time ago that I removed as the bracelet was too big – I’m glad I finally put it to good use 🙂

Should you ever want to make a similar-looking flower yourself, you can find the tutorial here.

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Some time ago on a visit to the beach, I brought along some yarn and devised some little crocheted flowers, which later I listed on my Etsy shop:

I recently received a request from a bunny lover in the UK to make them about twice as big (5cm in diameter) to embelish her bunny cushions with. (By the way, if you have a rabbit, I recommend that you check out her shop The Hare Apparent). A few days after I sent my flowers off, I received this lovely picture of Jack the bunny sitting on a cushion with one of the flowers sewn onto it:

You can read more about Jack here. Apparently he runs around “ears flapping, and so enthusiastic, just like a puppy”. Doesn’t that sound sweet?

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Isn’t he cute? 🙂

Also,  I thought I’d share a picture of our favourite rose – here are a couple of blooms in a little glass. I put my hand next to them for an idea of scale (yes, I know, 2 pictures of my hand in a single post).

They also have the most fantastic fragrance. I wish I knew what this rose is called! We’ve just tried to propagate some more, using a tutorial we found on Gardener’s World: http://www.gardenersworld.com/how-to/projects/propagating/how-to-take-rose-cuttings/285.html

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A little monkey

Just a little monkey for a friend’s birthday, that I am more or less making up as I go along. Sorry for the grainy quality of the photo – this was taken with my (not second, but) third-hand mobile phone camera.

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