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I am friends with Andy of AndrosCreations, who is a talented engraver and metalsmith. Check out some of his work:

You can see more examples of his work on his Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AndrosCreations/sold?ref=shopinfo_sales_leftnav – and there are also videos of him working away (when he was able to) on Youtube.

As you might have noticed, his Etsy shop is currently closed. Unfortunately, for some time now he has been hit badly with a serious case of Lyme disease, which has worsened greatly more recently. Just in case you didn’t know, Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium transmitted by infected ticks, and symptoms of mid to late stage Lyme disease include chronic joint pain and swelling, aching muscles and extreme fatigue. As a result, poor Andy is currently bedridden, albeit still able to chat with us on Chatwagon via iPad. (In the summer, his symptoms worsen and he would be too unwell to even use the iPad.)

If you’d like to read more about Andy and perhaps see a few pictures of him, do visit this donation page set up by his loving wife. His treatment is not covered by insurance, however as you can see a number of kind people have donated to his cause.

I do hope that this talented man will be well enough to get up and start crafting again, some day (the sooner the better, of course).


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I’ve been meaning to do a feature on paper-cut art on Etsy for months, and it’s a pity that since then, some of the shops have either gone on vacation mode or their listings have expired. I do wish the shops in this blog post greater success, as their handiwork is so lovely.

I have an admiration for delicate paper cuts, reminiscent of the lace-like quality of filigree crochet. Here is one such papercut lace piece, by Anatoly of Papercutout of Russia.

Karen of Papermagicinvites from England, U.K. does beautiful personalised cards in a variety of designs, great as wedding invitations.

Rosemary of Rosieplustheboys (also from England, U.K.) also does personalised cards as well as stickers, postcards and framed original papercuts. One of my favourites is her amazing personalised new baby papercut.

Lucie of Verluisant from France used to sell beautiful papercut art as well as papercut jewellery. Unfortunately, the shop has been in vacation mode for a little while now. She says that “my shop is closed since a long time for a lot a reasons (including a moving and a pregnancy!), but I hope I will be able to re-open it in 2013.”

Lastly, items from 2 more shops from England, U.K. whose listings on Etsy have expired for a little while now. This beautiful detailed tree inhabited by faeries, by lauraeve94 has always amazed me.

I love the geometric style of this engagement card by lauradawnhiggins.

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Call me a tad traditional, but I find alot of charm in the more traditionally-feminine crafts, such as sewing and embroidery. A little while back, I discovered a lovely little shop selling handmade, beautifully embroidered pincushions and animals – The Fox in the Attic.

Check out the beautiful design on this “Counting Sheep” pillow:

Her animals are just too cute! Check out the sweet smile on this cute “Thank You” cat!

So incredibly neat. I love her use of all the different colours too!

This pin cushion is sew lovely!

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Sorry people, I’ve been a bit slow with the features recently with exams coming up in 3 weeks. But I thought I’d start writing about another cool Etsy shop I found.

This time, the shop in the spotlight is Belfast Puncture, a shop that makes purses, belts and bags upcycled from the inner tubes of bicycles (although the inner tyre tubes of other modes of transport- such as wheelbarrows – are occasionally used). Not only is upcycling the tyre tubes highly-ecofriendly, the bags and purses also look extremely chic and personally I would think that they would be a great alternative to leather!

Purse, $10 USD

Shoulder Bag, $45 USD

To me, the workmanship as shown by the pictures looks excellent!

Belfast Puncture also has a website at http://www.belfastpuncture.com/

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My usual policy with my Etsy feature is to feature those who have a low sales total and/or volume. However, this shop is so amazing I thought it would definitely be worth it to write about despite the success reflected in her 1900+ sales.

Being a vegetarian and a member of EtsyVeg Team, I first heard about twigandleafbotanical while browsing the member list. Run by Kelly Beth, the shop sells ‘organic vegan products for your health and home’, ranging from organic spices to teas, facial masks, lotions, to soy candles and organic soap nuts (a natural detergent alternative)! Having recently been dissapointed by a different soy candle shop whose fragrance I found terribly strong and a bit artificial, I decided to give her soy candles a try.

Six custom made to order organic soy votive candles

Kelly provided the most amazing customer service, and also sent me some extra soy votives, scented with various blends of organic botanical oils. I’m not sure if it has to do with her training as an aromatherapist and clinical herbalist, but she certainly has a talent with creating lovely, non-iritating scents! Now, note that I am not really a believer in alternative medicine – but I do enjoy playing around with essential oils myself as I love all the various scents. But I certainly enjoyed these candles so much, I kept 3 of them aside to scent my clothes drawer. Too precious to burn! 😛

I have yet to try any of her other products, but here is a tiny selection of items in her shop which have (in the past) received great feedback:

Organic mud mask for even or sun damaged skin

New Mother organic herbal tea refill – goes in her 2 oz. recycled glass jar if you have bought from her before

Organic soap nuts – “These strange little berries are organically grown in their native India, and are used all over the world as laundry detergent and a hypo-allergenic laundry detergent alternative! They are incredibly gentle and can be used by anyone, including those with nut allergies, because they are actually berries!”

Although the shipping prices on her listings are US only, Kelly is happy to ship out of the US – but you have to message/convo her in advance so that she can calculate a shipping price based on your location.

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Most of us interested in handicraft will usually know at least one person who knows how to knit or crochet. However, I have the impression that not as many people know how to hand-weave on the loom.

I found Nadia’s handwoven scarves (Sameheartdesigns) as she was a fellow member of EtsyVeg and BeKind treasury team on Etsy. Hailing from Leipzig in Germany, Nadia makes her lovely scares from a mix of organic and non-organic cotton, hemp, wool and bamboo. Her shop focuses on her handmade scarves (both vegetarian and vegan), although she also sells organic lavender sachets, baby blankets and other items.

Mayan Sunrise Scarf – what a lovely mix of warm shades!

Forest prism scarf – a cool, male-friendly scarf. Featured on the German Etsy front page twice!

One of her scarves in progress on her couterbalance loom

Handwoven organic baby blanket – what a gorgeous range of colours!

In fact, I’d probably be considering buying a scarf myself if I already didn’t have an assortment of handknitted scarves from my mum (thanks mum all the same)!

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Next up in line for the Etsy feature is Catmacdesigns (recently renamed MaidenMaineCo), run by “a mother to 3 great kids” and “grandmother to a fiesty 5 year old girl”. Also a regular Etsy Chatter, Catmac studied Art at College and went on to get her Masters in Social Work, only to have her career disrupted by medical issues. According to her profile, crafting to sell on Etsy has therefore given her a “new lease in life”. She expresses her creativity via many different mediums, ranging from mica earrings, bird houses, greeting cards, needle felting and polymer clay. In addition, she also sells garden accessories, bird feeders and signs at her Etsy shop MyGardensCloset.

Here are some of my favourites from her shop:

Hand-dyed Apple Gourd Birdhouse. Notice the little worm and welcome sign! 🙂

A lovely felted leaves and rose pin, made using her multiple craft skills.

A lovely carved autumn leaves gourd bowl.

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