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It’s been a while since I posted on my blog – close friends will have been aware that I’ve been busy with my final year at university! But I just had to share these pictures of the latest visitors to our peanut feeder:

I do love hearing their calls outside my window. You can hear a recording of a blue tit call here.


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Isn’t he cute? 🙂

Also,  I thought I’d share a picture of our favourite rose – here are a couple of blooms in a little glass. I put my hand next to them for an idea of scale (yes, I know, 2 pictures of my hand in a single post).

They also have the most fantastic fragrance. I wish I knew what this rose is called! We’ve just tried to propagate some more, using a tutorial we found on Gardener’s World: http://www.gardenersworld.com/how-to/projects/propagating/how-to-take-rose-cuttings/285.html

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More floral delights from the garden.



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I love peonies. It looks like they are in season now, so I took a quick picture of our peonies in bloom (sorry for the poor quality – they were taken using my mobile).

Oh, and the neighbours’ cat says hi.

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Veg at the moment

My little pak choi are growing:

As are the radishes in my window box (along with the daffodils and tulips):

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My cabbage

Last year in February, I planted a couple of cabbages (Kilazol) for fun. I was going to harvest them in December according to the packet instructions, but I got busy with exams and stuff. I was going to keep it for fun and not harvest it but the owner of the garden kept complaining that reminded him of triffids (nonsense, I say) so I’ve harvested the larger of the two. I’m rather proud of my cabbage as I grew it completely without pesticides (avid gardeners will know that the cabbage is a difficult crop to grow, being commonly plagued by white cabbage caterpillar and slugs to name a few pests). I just hope it isn’t too tough, given that it survived a frosty, snowy winter and all that…


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Some of the highlights of our garden at the moment.

Yellow primroses – a classic!

We have red primroses too. Note that something has been eating away at the petals of our primroses – I wonder what it might be? 😦

Another spring classic – daffodils.

One of our succulents. I’m planning to dig ours up and put them into a copper window box.

Our Pyracantha/ Firethorn is looking splendid.

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