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A little while back, I received a message on Etsy asking what would be the smallest size origami cranes I could make. After a little experimentation, I decided that the smallest crane that I could make without too much difficulty (or a microscope of some sort!) would be 1.3-1.4cm across. Here are some pictures of my completed cranes:




And here’s one I made for myself, which I “captured” in a mini vial:



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Just wanted to share some miniature origami flowers that I did recently!

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Just thought I’d post a picture of some apple coasters I made for a custom order. I am currently waiting for more yarn to crochet a large apple centrepiece to go with the set!

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Just in case anybody might be interested in the process behind my origami miniatures, crocheted critters and other stuff at The Stitch and Fold, here is a little blog post showing where I work.

The workstation, where work stops and crafting starts. – LOL! Actually, I do actually accomplish plenty of university work here. It’s just that while taking a break, I tend to craft here. I also craft on the bus, or in front of the TV, but taking photos of every single place where I craft would just be ridiculous. Notice the lovely embroidered lampshade – one of a few beautiful items which encouraged me to learn a bit of embroidery. Also, notice my personal crocheted heart door hangers hanging off the door handle on the left (personal i.e. crocheted for myself).

This was the exact state of my desk right before I thought of getting up to take pictures of my workplace.

Some stationery, some sewing supples and my own personal mouse and carrot. I made the pincushion myself as well.

Supplies (and some other random items, like a tourist brochure of Turkey) are stored in this transparent box as well as in the red box.

Recognise some of these guys?

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March is now here, and we are beginning to see daffodils emerge from the ground, a sure sign that spring is coming! Recently I got another custom order on Etsy, albeit for flowers in lavender and blue (to fit in with my customer’s room decor).


These ‘flowers’ are actually a modular unit that form a traditional kusudama ball. I took a picture of one such kusudama I made a long time ago.

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Christmas stockings… in the middle of February? No joke, I did get a custom order for 12 pairs of crocheted Christmas stockings a few weeks ago, and there they are:

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I’ve had many good ideas for my Etsy shop, yet at the same time I’ve had quite a bit of study-related stress. I’m afraid that I may have to unofficially stop work on developing The Stitch and Fold; and recommence my crafting activities in the summer.

I look forward to being able to spend quality time on my shop when I can.

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