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When I purchased a tube of BB cream from South Korea about 2 years ago, I received a few free samples alongside my order. One of the samples was for Tony Moly’s I’m Real Avocado Rich Cream. Being slightly prone to acne, I was put off by the description of “rich” and consigned the sample to one of my drawers.

Unfortunately, this year I seem to be plagued by dry, sensitive skin. Perhaps it’s my chronic sun cream use (see Colin’s Beauty Pages – section on potential disruption of the outer layer of the skin) or perhaps age is catching up with me. Just in case you were wondering – I am sure it was not related to the BB cream since I finished the tube a long time ago or any other new facial skin care products, as I had not had a change of regime for about a year.

I finally decided to give the sample a try – see below for my thoughts. I went on to purchase a jar at US$12.36/£8.24 for 90ml (price in May 2015 including delivery, from Beauty Net Korea), so my experience is based on about 4 weeks’ use of the cream.


  • I like the texture – doesn’t feel too thick or rich
  • I like the scent – I suppose I’d describe it as fresh and fruity. It doesn’t actually smell like avocado (which is fine by me).
  • It seemed to moisturise and calm down my dry patches.
  • It did not result in any breakouts or irritate any facial rash.
  • Reasonably affordable.
  • According to Momomango and Urban Outfitters, Tony Moly do not test on animals.


  • It might not be rich enough for those with truly dry skin.

In conclusion, I’d recommend this cream to those with normal or slightly dry skin. I am happy that it did not cause any adverse reactions, however if you have sensitive skin I would recommend that you purchase a sample first to test.

From my own point of view, I give this cream a rating of 5/5.


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